I am the mother of two teen boys living near the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. I work as an Educational Diagnostician, managing and assessing the needs of students who qualify for special education services in two elementary schools.  I was raised in the Washington, DC area.  As a teen and while attending University of Maryland, I enjoyed the companionship of other Muslim students through several youth programs, conferences, and camps. This experience taught me the importance of giving back to the Muslim Community in America as much as I could, not only as a source of support for others, but also as a source of support for myself. For over 10 years, I taught or managed our local Sunday School, which my children attended.  Now that they have become older, I hope to help them and other youth understand each other and overcome the biases that the media portrays. To do this, I am working on writing some textbooks for Sunday Schools and Muslim private schools that designed specifically for Muslim children and youth in America.